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10,000 Faceless Coder Chicks saving the world through code & flowers! Each faceless coder chick is inspired by the fashions of Millenial & Gen Z women. ENCRYPTAS pays tribute to the new emerging power of girls blowing up the system through the Blockchain. Here's to this artistic renaissance and digital revolution!

Is my ENCRYPTAS a baddie?

The experience of your ENCRYPTAS in fighting the system is determined by the background color. Though all chicks are kick-ass, more experienced coders have been given access to some more distinctive traits, which will come in handy for the GEN 2 update.

Rebel In Training


Apprentice Badass


Freedom Fighter






The 101 BABES Collection is the first NFT project under the CypherCHK brand

A faceless Babe symbolizes the power of anonymity possible through the Blockchain in an increasingly data sensitive and data invasive society. The Babe serves as a beacon of solidarity to all women as a future emerging power in the crypto space.

Each 1/1 is illustrated by hand. The collection is CypherCHK's long-term commitment to the NFT space.

25/101 minted

25/25 sold


2.5% of sales will be used to support synergy in the NFT ecosystem to collect from emerging artists

25% SOLD


Special airdrops & charity events in collaboration with both emerging & established artists in the NFT space

50% SOLD


5% of sales will be donated to charities that share similar visions in empowering girls & women in tech and science spaces

75% SOLD

Jumpstart into Gen 2 Update

101 Babes & ENCRYPTAS holders will have the opportunity to participate in the creation of the next generation

100% SOLD

do I want an ENCRYPTAS or a 101 BABE?

We want to build a community of open-minded revolutionaries. As an ENCRYPTAS or BABES holder, get ready to meet those who share this same passion, all the while enjoying a dope profile picture.

If that isn't enough, owning an ENCRYPTAS or a BABE shows your belief in this technology, your allyship in this digital revolution, and demonstrates your openness to have conversations about Crypto and equality in this space.

Additionally, owning an ENCRYPTAS or a 101 BABES gives you a say in the CypherCHK Dimension. We are ready to adapt and be flexible to the constantly evolving NFT space, with your help.

ENCRYPTAS and 101 BABES holders will be granted exclusive access to some special 101 BABES auctions and have the opportunity to participate in community curated events and raffles.

is in the team?


CypherCHK is an anonymous NFT artist making art about the Blockchain. As a writer and storyteller, Cypher has been published in magazines exploring the nature of identity and home.

As a visual artist, her illustrations center the stories of women. Cypher invites the viewer to take on their own interpretation of her art with the hope of engaging powerful conversation about the Blockchain technology, facilitate discussion about our data and its use, and engage conversation about women as an emerging power in tech and science spaces.


Crypto Investor since early 2017. Digital marketing and branding strategist. Traveller and digital nomad for eight years.


Coder, crypto enthusiast, NFT collector